Seek Adventure Co

It all started on Vashon Island, Washington, when my father and leather master, William Cleaver, showed me how to make a leather bracelet. Fascinated, I came up with the idea to stamp kind and motivating sayings on the bracelets, and give them as gifts. “It was a way to brighten people’s lives when they needed it most.”

At the age of 22, the travel bug whisked me across the pond. After 2 years of living in Australia, and New Zealand , I started to hone in on my craft; selling bracelets and using the money as a way to continue my travels and “Seek Adventure.”

Along the way to Austin, Tx, I went to Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Canada, and also lived in Seattle, Saipan, and Key West, Florida.

Snow balling into what SA Co is today, I’ve taught myself how to make wallets, purses, belts, bow ties, dog collars, clutches, etc. My love for dogs has brought a new direction to SA Co; now selling goods at local stores in Austin: Art for the People, A-Town, Barkin’ Creek and The Great Outdogs.

Seek Adventure Company creates hand-made leather goods with a purpose. Promising functionality, durability, and style. We strive to promote individuality, self-expression, and positivity through each and every one of our creations. Built to last, for any adventure.

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