Cement Jewelry Dish - Ocean Waves - Large

You've painstakingly picked out the perfect piece of jewelry that works with your wardrobe, and you've spent your hard earned money to purchase it. When you're not enjoying wearing it, store it somewhere that accentuates its beauty. This large cement jewelry dish from Siroh & Ivy is the perfect combination of function and artistic expression. Use it to hold your precious heirlooms, as well as to style your personal space.


  • Solid and sturdy 6.5" by 4" cement dish
  • Depth of 1.5"
  • Cement is smooth but displays natural imperfections
  • Resin mixed with multiple dyes
  • Smooth, glossy, mirror-like clear coat
  • Felt feet to protect your surfaces

*Images displayed represent the general design, size, and shape. Each piece is individually hand made and completely unique. Expect variations from the display image.