Sierra - Green & Gold

Running a length of 400 miles, the Sierra Nevada Mountain range, with its majestic peaks and mysterious valleys, separates California from the rest of the United States. Bisecting pure white and dark green halves with highly textured ridges of black, pink, and gold, this Siroh & Ivy piece of original, high-end resin art captures the dichotomy created by this famous mountain range. It uses high contrast and sharp lines to speak to the dueling nature of the emotions inside of its onlookers. Grace the walls of your library, study, den, or office with this striking and bold work of art.


  • Strong and sturdy all-wood frame
  • Custom built by the artist herself
  • Dimensions: 48.5" x 36.5" x 1.5"
  • Acrylic, mixed media, and resin
  • Highly-defined textures with gold bisecting ridge
  • Edge-to-edge design with painted sides
  • Smooth, glossy, mirror-like clear coat
No. Available: 1