How SEO Can Help Your Small Business Stand Out With Katie Paskorz

In a recent episode of the Handmade CEO Podcast, host Kiana Jones welcomed Katie Paskorz from KatydidPGH (at the time of writing this, Kiana and Katie also own a marketing studio together that you can learn more about here). Katie, a web designer and SEO specialist, shares her journey to her current career and offered valuable insights into the world of web design and SEO for small businesses. She shares how SEO can help your small business stand out. In this blog post, we’ll summarize the key points from our conversation. To listen to this episode instead, click here.

Katie’s Journey: From History Major to Web Designer

How SEO Can Help Your Small Business Stand Out With Katie Paskorz

Katie’s career path took a series of unexpected turns. Graduating during the Great Recession with a history degree, she initially worked at a grocery store before landing a job at a bank. Despite her efforts to advance within the corporate world, she found herself unhappy and unfulfilled. However, her husband’s suggestion to learn front-end development and coding led her to a web development boot camp. Despite encountering challenges, Katie persevered and eventually transitioned to freelancing. Her journey highlights the importance of pursuing one’s passion and taking control of their career.

The Importance of Having Your Own Business Website

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Katie & Kiana from K&K Marketing Studio

Katie stressed the significance of having a website, even for businesses already established on platforms like Etsy or social media. She emphasized that a website is an asset that business owners control, reducing the risk of account suspension or unexpected issues on third-party platforms. Moreover, a website can provide a backup sales channel in case of platform problems. From a lead generation perspective, owning your own business website is also a great way to offer lead magnets and grow your email list. By highlighting the ownership and control aspect, Katie effectively dismantled the myth that a website is unnecessary.

Local SEO as a Starting Point

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Katie recommended a local-first SEO strategy for small businesses to stand out in a saturated online market. Starting with local optimization and gradually expanding helps businesses gain visibility within a specific market. For instance, targeting search queries like “soap makers near me” can yield better results initially. As businesses grow, they can expand to a broader audience. This approach makes efficient use of resources and maximizes visibility.

Debunking SEO Myths

Katie Paskorz helping a client with their website design.

Katie addressed common misconceptions about SEO. One of the prevalent myths is that SEO is a one-time effort. She emphasized that SEO requires ongoing attention and adjustments due to changing markets and customer behaviors. Additionally, she discouraged black-hat tactics like stuffing keywords into content with transparent text. Such practices can lead to penalties from search engines, emphasizing the importance of ethical SEO strategies.

Getting Started with Web Design and SEO

To kickstart their web design and SEO efforts, Katie recommended a few practical steps for small businesses:

  1. Create a Google Business Profile: Claiming and optimizing a Google Business Profile can boost local visibility. Encourage customers to leave reviews on this profile.
  2. Review Your Website Copy: Analyze the language used in your website’s copy. Ensure it aligns with the language your ideal customers use, rather than using complex industry jargon. Need help with this? Get started with our Brand Strategy Workbook for Makers.

Katie’s insights shed light on the world of web design and SEO, demystifying common myths and providing actionable steps for small businesses to enhance their online presence.


Katie Paskorz’s journey from an unsatisfying corporate job to a successful web designer and SEO specialist serves as an inspiring testament to following one’s passion. Her expertise in the field, combined with practical advice for small businesses, highlights the importance of web design and SEO in an increasingly competitive digital landscape. For small business owners everywhere, she serves as an amazing resource to help take your marketing to the next level.

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