whimsyjuice: originating from the concept of "creative juices", inspirations that tickle the fancy, and a love of Lizzo.

My name is Anna Tibbetts, and I am a creator located in Greenville, SC. I currently specialize in polymer clay and fiber art mediums, but you can expect to see me dabble in just about anything.

One of my passions is seeing the threads that bind us together as humans each having an individual, unique story. For all artists, our personalities shine through in our work. And for me personally, it is easy to live in my head with grandiose, beautiful ideas that never see the light of day (if you're into the enneagram, I'm a 7w6!). My creative outlet is my practice in manifestation. Seeing the colors and shapes behind my eyes taking form before me on the table through threads or clay.

I am delighted to show up in my corner of the world by sharing some accessories and home decor (and almost always a little glitter!). Each piece is handmade with love. I also enjoy making beautiful things out of scrap material, so you can take pride in your purchase being unique, ethically sourced, and eco-conscious. I hope these items bring you as much joy as they bring me.

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Levie T about listing Black Moon Phases Wall Hanging 3 months ago.

Earrings were amazing!!!! So incredibly thoughtful and kind.

Lyra K about listing Boss Babe Earrings 7 months ago.

I have not yet received the item, but am excited to receive it.

Mary S about listing White Moon Phases Wall Hanging 8 months ago.