Curry Wilkinson Pottery

Hi! We are husband and wife team, Curry and Sarah, and we create functional pottery and pottery jewelry! Our studio is located in Burlington, NC and everything is handmade by us. We work hard in our home studio every day to bring you handmade, light to the touch, quality pottery to use and enjoy every day.

Each piece, with the exception of our ornament and jewelry collections made by Sarah, is wheel thrown by Curry. But before any piece can be thrown on the wheel, there are a few steps that need to happen.

​Lumps of clay must be run through our pug mill to further refine it and turn it into basically logs of clay that will be cut and weighed out per shape. For example, if Curry is throwing a mug, he will weigh out 3/4 pound of clay.

​The ball of clay is placed on a bat that is attached to the wheel. It's then carefully turned and formed into a shape. This can take anywhere between 1 minute and 5 minutes, depending on the size and intricacy of the shape.

​After the form is complete, it's left on the bat which taken off the wheel to be placed aside to dry. Sometimes there's a multiple step process for a piece like mugs: the body is turned on the wheel and the handled later attached. Each piece must get leather-hard before it can be decorated or glazed.

​Once each piece is decorated and/or glazed, it's ready to go into the kiln!

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