"Iris" | February Birth Flower, Anniversary, Special Occasion

Each flower is hand drawn with real 22k gold, making each necklace pendant like a mini canvas! Each flower meaning is expressed outward and worn as a daily reminder of what you are commemorating!

About The Iris: 

Said to have inspired the classic French fleur-de-lis, the Iris is important in both this interpretation and the symbolic nature of its shape: that of a Trinity. It’s symbolism is sacred, representing faith, wisdom, and promise. It’s the February birth flower and the 25th Wedding Anniversary flower.

Please note: this item is made to order, ready in 3-5 business days. Measures approximately .5" around. 

Each necklace pendant comes with an 18" 14k gold filled chain and gift box. Each flower is hand drawn with real 22k gold, making each one unique! Due to the handmade nature of each piece, your flower pendant will look very similar to, but not exactly like the one pictured. Each piece, just like each special occasion is unique!

Due to lighting, some areas of gold may appear darker in image. The back of the pendant is left a natural stoneware, unglazed.

Care for your jewelry as you would any fine gold jewelry. Do not wear in the shower or to sleep.