Information about Happening Hands

How it works

Do you wish you had more time on your hands for making and growing your creative business?

We are a membership subscription-based community for U.S. based makers. Happening Hands give U.S. based makers the tools they need to run thriving, profitable businesses. All of our makers are handpicked and carefully curated to be a part of our community and sell on our site (an optional perk), because like you, they’re awesome.  

So, what do we offer makers like you?

We offer an exclusive community where you can connect with other makers and savvy business & marketing experts.

We'll host guest speakers, answer handmade business and marketing questions, and generally support each other. We currently have a Handmade Product Photographer, two Pinterest Virtual Assistants, and a Social Media Manager in our community, all available for questions. In the future we're looking to add vetted influencers, accountants, content writers, small business lawyers, business coaches, and more. 

*Our private community is currently on Facebook, and we understand that not everyone uses Facebook. In the near future, we will be moving to our own private community app where these connections and interactions can take place. Stay tuned!


We offer exclusive access to our maker resource library. This is a behind-the-scenes portal where our makers will have access to resources and courses. These resources will include social media marketing and business tips, and resources such as our Online Marketing Strategy Toolkit for Makers, or our Caption Copywriting Tips for Makers. 


We also offer an alternative handmade marketplace to sell your work in, if you choose. Our marketplace is free of listing fees and only consists of U.S. based makers who make quality handmade goods and art. We understand that not everyone wants an extra place to sell, so if you're a part of our community, selling in our marketplace is optional!


★All makers will go through an application process to join our community. We're looking for makers who are ready to take their businesses to the next level, and be an active part of a small community where they can support others and feel supported themselves.


All of our subscribing makers will receive a complimentary Happening Hands blog feature. You can check out our blog here.


★ We do a lot of marketing for our makers! Our subscribing makers are featured on our Instagram page (over 1.7k followers) and items from the marketplace pinned to our Pinterest (which has over 700k views/month!). We are also interested in collaborating with our makers on live Facebook events (here's an example), giveaways, and we send out email blasts to our subscribers featuring your work.


Is Happening Hands right for you? 

  • All interested makers must apply in order to be considered to sell on Happening Hands.

  • All of our accepted makers have established or semi-established brands, as well as clean and professional product photos.

  • Makers must only list items made by hand - we will not accept prints (unless altered or containing other hand-painted elements), stickers, downloadable items, or other outsourced print-on-demand products. We will also not accept religious items,  racist or offensive items, or weapons or any items that encourage violence. We currently do not allow baked goods or other items that are perishable within a short time frame. We do not accept vintage or thrifted items. 

Maker Application & Subscription Packages

Happening Hands requires makers to be apply before joining. Please use this link to apply to join Happening Hands. 

If accepted, there are two subscription plans you can choose from:

In Good Hands Plan: $54/mo


Monthly basic plan, comes with access to our exclusive maker community and resource library, the ability to sell in the Happening Hands marketplace if you choose, in addition to Happening Hands blog, social media, and email blast features. All of our ticketed special guest workshops are free with this plan. 


Pay $597/yr for a total of $51 in yearly savings.


In Community Plan: FREE ($27/mo after our new site launch - always free for anyone who joins the community before our new site launch)


Monthly community plan, comes with access to our exclusive community and resource library. Community members will not hold the ability to sell in the marketplace or receive blog, social media, or email blast features.


All approved makers who sign up and are approved for the 'In Good Hands Plan' will receive the first month of Happening Hands FREE.

Once you've applied, we will send package and payment details to the email you applied with.