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Hi! I'm Ashley!

I have been making jewelry from metal on and off for the past 10 years, but this past year have delved head-first back into metalwork daily with a reinvigorated passion for silversmithing. I started taking metalsmithing classes at a local community college back then, and it absolutely changed my life! I have always had a fondness for art and design, but metalsmithing is the one medium I have truly connected with--the sawing, the hammering, all of it: there is nothing like the shaping and forming of raw metal into realized dreams! Metal has been my primary means of artistic expression and creative communication, and truly unique, fantastical one-of-a-kind artisan jewelry is what I am about! My designs are often symmetrical, full of interesting and found textures, and draw from abstract shapes and designs both imagined and inspired by nature, creatures, fantasy, or the shape and color of the stones themselves!

Hand-crafted jewelry made by a metalsmith tells a story--the story of how it was made, the story of how you got it, and it holds feelings--the feelings the artist poured into making it, and the feelings you have when you wear it! I aim to make inspired personal adornment that you can make part of your own story. I would be honored if you would treat yourself or a loved one to a piece of my art that is sure to empower, start conversation, and last for generations!

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I'm so happy with the azure blue earrings... they are gorgeous and unique! Ashley took great care in crafting the jewelry. So much heart goes into her work and her packaging... even taking the time to write a personal note! I'll be wearing these earrings a lot!

B. Trenum

Bonnie T about listing Azure Blue Enamel Leaf Earrings 1 month ago.