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Hi there! I’m Kandy, the creator and metalsmith of everything you see here. Everything is hand made with love and care. My inspiration comes from the gemstones themselves, materials at hand, nature or anything that pops in my head. I use mostly sterling silver, sometimes copper and brass.


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Efficient customer service and shipping! Great communication!

I'm so sorry it took me forever to give feedback and accept the order, I have never used Happening Hands before and am still learning how it all works. I loved Kandy's packaging and am absolutely in love with my ring! It fits perfect and is stunning. Thank you Kandy!

Avery P about listing Lavender Turquoise Ring- Size 7.5 1 year ago.

Hi Kandy,

Sorry--this is my first time ordering from Happening Hands, so I forgot about the acceptance. The necklace is amazingly well crafted and gorgeous. Thank you!